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Nebia Low Flow High Pressure Shower Head

Shower Head Using High Pressure Aerospace Technology Uses Less Water

June 10, 2016

Most people in the United States use about 90 gallons of water per day, with the largest uses of household-water occurring on the toilet and in the shower. Even though showers are one of the highest wasters of water, however, they are probably one of the personal experiences people would be willing to make the least compromise. The Nebia Company promises to not only improve your showering experience, but also help you use up to 70% less water!

After raising more than $2.6 million on the Kickstarter website, 15 days before the end of the campaign, the team is ready to start the manufacturing process, with the first showerheads expected to ship in the spring, possibly May or June 2016.

The six-person team behind Nebia Shower Head, which includes several thermal fluid experts, has spent the past several years doing research, solving equations, and building proto types in order to arrive with a new type of nozzle that, they say, brings the first technological innovation in the industry in more than half a century. Meanwhile, the company has attracted investments from Apple Corporation's Tim Cook as well as Eric Schmidt of Alphabet.

The results are quite impressive because on average, Americans take about eight minutes or so to shower, which results in using nearly 20 gallons of water on average. With the Nebia Low Flow High Pressure Shower Head, for the same amount of time, one will use up only six gallons, or 70 percent less water. With a starting price of nearly three hundred US dollars, the Nebia showerhead can pay for itself in a couple of years time.

High Flow Shower Head vs. Nebia Showerhead

The people who invented the Low Flow Nebia high pressure shower head say that it's easy to install.  Customers can simply unscrew their existing high pressure shower head and screw on the Nebia showerhead with a wrench, some plumbers-tape, and some adhesive (included), without the need to break tiles or call the plumber. The low flo showerhead can slide up and down, pivot at an angle, and also includes a portable wand. 

Photo by: Nebia Shower

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